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The essence of my work is to support a Goddess when she needs it most. When she is operating from a place of lack, fear, limiting beliefs, spiritual disconnect, and disempowerment. 

I specialize in intentional living, facilitating soulful mindfulness, movement (Yoga) & meditation practice, energetic awareness (Chakra/Aritu system), and stimulating the Endocannabinoid system (Ganja Goddess life!).

I’ve been a fully-certified coaching professional since 2019, but I possess over a decade of experience helping others to achieve multidimensional wellness.

I coach my private clients as I have been coaching myself. In a nurturing way that utilizes the  holistic approach. Mind, body, and soul.

I sought out the tools & techniques  that would provide harmony, self-regulation, healing, and ease.

I am an empath that was born and raised under narcissistic parental control. I grew up believing that love was conditional. I dealt with abandonment at an early age and had to "mature" quickly to survive. My inner child faded into an abnormal reality of being comfortable and accustomed to chaos. Self-sacrificing was praised as long as it served the guardian in charge. I was groomed to honor abusive control and negate my own desires.


   Early adulthood was a time where this childhood trauma manifested at its worse. I could not find a balance between living my life for me and being alive to serve insatiable entities.


 As a result, I experienced a repetitive cycle of self-doubt, limited beliefs, physical health issues, mental health issues (cPTSD), dysregulation, people-pleasing, and a plethora of internalized criticism.

Horrible experiences with anxiety/panic attacks led me to seek out a better perspective and approach to my life. I need to transmute low vibrational energies of my past into high vibrational energy and power of a bright future.

Reconnecting with spirituality was the greatest answer given to me. Exploring Kemetic teachings, ancient mysticism, metaphysical science, yoga philosophies, and therapy helped me most. All of these combined together brought me the strength I needed to overcome my childhood trauma, empath duality, and self-sacrificing.


I am now only focused on a soul-serving lifestyle. One where I am thriving eternally! I started defining wellness for me and finding every way to manifest it. This was the key that unlocked an unexplainable energy, glow, and soundness.

I made choices that operated with the truth in my abilities to heal myself.


My #soulfulwellness formula? Afro-Wholistic-centered living, movement (yoga & dance), meditation, plant-based medicine nutrition, and cannabis healing. 

Cannabis as a sacred sacrament is a major tenet in my personal wellness practice. 


 The techniques I developed were so successful that coworkers, friends, and family began noticing a difference. Honestly, them noticing helped me to take more notice. Every choice I have made towards achieving optimal health & wellness so far has been life saving.

I learned in September 2022 that I am living with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS. Although this is a lifelong multiprocessing  disease, I proud to claim a current state of remission due to my soul-serving lifestyle practices.

Gratitude to Great Mother Goddess/Creatress for the continued guidance and support on this Maat, Ankh Udja, Seneb journey.

Honor and love to my Mother Ancestress Pamella~1961-2023~ for the gift of life and love.



My Journey & growth............

so far



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+ 10 years of successful personal & professional coaching

+ 4 years of Leadership/mentorship in animal health

+ Yin Yoga 25hr training with Braja Kishori, RYT 500

+ Yin Yoga 20hr training  with Michelle Young  C-IAYT, E-RYT 500

+ Power Yoga 200hr training at Corepower Yoga School

+ Integrative Yoga 200hr training at My Vinyasa Practice Yoga School

+ Certified Ganja Yoga Teacher training with Dee Dussault, E-RYT 500

+ Certified Sound Therapy & Sound Healing Practitioner training with Tom Llewellyn

+ Yoga & Wellness Retreat leader with Jewel Resorts & Jewel Paradise Cove |Runaway Bay, Jamaica


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