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I created a virtual studio & community to help Black women define, create, and manifest a THRIVING  soulful + conscious-centered lifestyle through healing arts.

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I Offer | Private | 1-On-1 | Healing Arts


Every Goddess needs some guidance, right? As a #soulfulwellness coach I can help you to evaluate your deepest desires, identify limiting beliefs, and provide you with the tools/resources you need to manifest a life that truly serves you.


 What education? Cannabis! Yes, conscious-centered cannabis education and practices for black women 21 & up.  I can help you use cannabis as a healing & manifesting tool + help you to acquire a medical cannabis card in 16 states .


I love healing arts! Experience  self-healing arts through two main practices. Meditation and movement. In each session I teach you how to move stagnant energy holistically through movement, meditation, and breathwork.

Pause + Take a deep breath


Ask yourself this, Am I living a life of self-sacrifice? Is it serving me?


Do you have an answer you would like to share?

*This message is the first step you take in creating your


Your answer is safe with me.

White gold marble texture pattern background with high resolution design for cover book or

Emotionally intelligent.
Divinely guided.

I am grateful for how these gifts exist within and how they have assisted me on my life's path + purpose. I offer these gifts to you. The essence of my work is to support a Goddess when she needs it most. When she is operating from a place of lack, fear, limiting beliefs, spiritual disconnect, and disempowerement.


I Also Offer | Collective | Group | Healing Arts

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