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Paradise + Wellness Retreat


I believe that every once in a while it’s good for us Goddesses to disconnect from our autopilot status. Join me as we explore the ocean of our mind, body, and soul in Jamaica.


Experience a wellness getaway created specially for the Goddess within you.  

Coral Cove Wellness - Little Bay, Jamaica(MBJ)



Disconnect. Balance. Reconnect.

a host that is
Here for You

I am your retreat host, Taye Maat. I can definitely say that I am here for you Goddess like I've been here for myself during this Eternal journey to bliss.

"I am a healer healing while attempting to heal others"

Taye Maat

The Paradise + Wellness Retreat is inspired by principles, practices, and poses rooted in transformative healing. 


My intention is to provide an experience that will help women reclaim their Divinity and facilitate spiritual growth. 

The Paradise + Wellness Retreat is a 5 day ALL-INCLUSIVE cannabis-infused experience. 


Each day is filled with blissful signature activities that features:

  • 4 nights accommodation, ocean view suites

  • Daily morning journaling, movement practice, and meditation

  • A personalized wellness program + mindfulness coaching [private sessions] offered during the retreat

  • Water therapies including paddle boarding, kayaking, snorkeling

  • Daily farm-to-table meals w/cannabis-infused options

  • On-site Dispensary

  • A sense of community and collective healing


Little Bay, Jamaica(MBJ)

An Invitation to Disconnect

I know that life can seem like a repetitive cycle of waking up, eating, working and sleeping. And that the daily grind can fill our minds and bodies with negative energy and stress. That’s why I created The Paradise + Wellness Retreat, so a Goddess has a place to heal & return to self-exploration, self-discovery, and have a sense of community with other Goddesses.

Retreat costs include host fee, resort admin fee, [MBJ}airport transportation shuttle to/from resort, 4 night stay, 3 meal per day (cannabis-infused choices), and resort amenities. Payment options are available upon request. All Final payments are due 30 days before the retreat.



[Single occupancy - private suite]

$333 non-refundable deposit


Goddess +

[Double occupancy - shared suite] {$2475/pp}

$495/pp non-refundable deposit


Goddess ++

[Triple occupancy - shared suite] {$2231/pp}

$669/pp non-refundable deposit

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The deep truth

 Truth is, I was disconnected. And, carrying weight that wasn't serving me. Metaphysical and physical weight.

I felt like I was moving, but pulling/dragging something at the same time.  I was the cause of perpetuating my own suffering. Operating in doubt and taking a defeatist posture was normal. The effects of that caused many lows. Low sense of self. Low esteem. Low energy. And, I found out that looking outside myself was not the right answer. So, I journeyed inward. 


I made the conscious-centered choice to focus on High-vibrations. That meant deepening my connection to the Divine within through study, meditation, and movement. Through discipline and devotion, I grew to understand that I was living in a fear-based reality rather than living love-based. The knowledge I gained and the application of that knowledge opened channels.


Streams of possibilities flooded me. I was no longer envisioning life from a cloudy perspective. I can see the depth of the ocean within me as clear as the waters of Paradise.


Please note: Information provided in this program is used as a means for metaphysical purposes only and is not provided as medical advice. Practitioners should always consult a medical doctor or trained professional about emotional, psychological, and physical well-being.

*Prices subject to change at the creator's discretion

© 2023 Indi_KA Wellness LLC

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